1 perfect gift for that special person

Looking for the perfect gift for that special person or event?

A gift that can permeate the arteries, veins, and capillaries of the heart and creates a lasting memory of you?
Then get Fresh Flowers in Lagos and Abuja and razzle-dazzle her!

Flowers are the perfect idea for a perfect gift for that special event, occasion, and for that special person you cherish. The idea of it being cliché or western is a thing of the past.

flowers in Lagos, Nigeria

With a new flowers shops emerging you can order the flowers that suit your taste, event, and budget from Hemafield flowers. There is a flower for every occasion such as :





Celebration of love

Just to say: I am sorry, I love you, get well soon, etc.

You can order our flowers in Lagos, Abuja, or from anywhere in the country and you will get more than you just imagined

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The ultimate guide to help you select the right Flowers

The key to selecting the perfect flower for the right event or person lies in the intention of the giver to the recipient. Flowers come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are suitable for different occasions. For example, Red roses signify love, passion, beauty, courage, and respect which is a suitable gift to celebrate love.

flowers in Lagos

Flower Gifts 

From yummy chocolates packaged in boxes to jewelry, perfumes, cakes, and fluffy teddy bears, these are just a few ideas to incorporate with fresh flowers in Lagos to elevate your gift package.

Flower gifts have become quite popular especially in Nigeria’s most industrious city (Lagos) and the federal capital territory (Abuja), with the age of social media, the idea of flowers has become one of the most trendy gift items to give your loved ones and express one’s intention at the right place, at the right time and to the right person.

flowers in Lagos

With Its popularity spreading across the country the flower industry is gradually growing and will become a full-blown industry. With wide varieties of flowers available you can order just the right flower with the right shape, size, color, and package to fit a customized idea of the perfect gift for every individual. Flower gifts can easily be customized and special features can be added to elevate the gift package. So order that special package for that special person or for that special occasion via our flowers in Lagos. Let your gift package do the talking!

Rose Flowers For Her

From ‘’first dates’’ to the moment she says ‘’I do’’ to anniversary celebrations a girl’s best friend sometimes doesn’t have to be a six-cart diamond, flowers are also a means to express true love affection, and commitment to that special lady in your life. You can always blow her mind with nice scented flowers such as this click to view more

Fresh flowers in Lagos

So romantic so touching order now

Fresh roses are just the right ones to get her attention and express true romance and commitment to your significant order as it speaks clearly a thousand romantic words and expression.

You don’t have to wait for a specific event or date to celebrate her; just a few roses would keep her heart in check and remind her of the reason and value of the relationship. Be intentional get her a bouquet of roses today ! and remind her of the love you both share.

The Essence of Flowers

The significance of flowers as a form of gesture and a means to communicate and support one’s intention and expression of love, strong feelings, gratitude, sympathy and celebration date back to the Victorian era.

What used to be a means of communication accustomed to the West has gradually found its way into the heart of Africa. Today you can order fresh flowers in Lagos and Abuja from Hemafield flowers shop

flowers have grown to be popular among youths, adults, and the elderly, flowers have become an acceptable modern-day gift that fits every occasion with new features incorporated to add certain features to suit the right person and occasion.

What is the Price Range of  Flowers In Nigeria?

The price range of flowers in Nigeria depends on the kind of flower and additional cost comes with the inclusion of certain items such as cakes, perfumes, jewelry, etc. But an idea of the Price range starts from N4,000 upwards. The cost of delivery is also added most times it is added separately from the initial purchase, the cost of delivery varies depending on the location and the means of delivery (either by air or road within Nigeria), the price range is between 2,000 naira- 30,000. For further inquiries check our website alphatrans.com.ng

Where can I find good flowers?

With just a click of a button, you can find online flower stores that have the perfect flowers that can be customized to suit your taste and budget to fit the right event and be suitable for that perfect person. Check our Instagram account for more pictures of fresh flOWERS

Fresh Flowers in Nigeria
Flower colours and their meanings

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