Fresh Flowers in Nigeria

Fresh flowers in Nigeria are gradually becoming popular from homegrown to imported, flowers have become a new trend that has been cultivated by many. From home to event decorations to a bouquet of flowers sent to loved ones on their special days. Or to show that you care, or to confess your feelings or gratitude to a special person. Flowers in Nigeria have become a popular way to celebrate love, and special moments and to express gratitude, sympathy, care, and affection.

With the rising trend of flower gifts amongst Nigerians and the increase in the exchange rate, there has been an increase in florists and outlets for flowers in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, Abuja, and Port- Harcourt. This rise is to meet the demand for fresh flowers suitable for events, occasions, special celebrations, and home decorations.

Nigeria is blessed with a variety of climates that support a wide variety of flowers. The north has a dry season that allows for the growth of flowers such as the bluebonnet, while the south has a wet season that favors the growth of flowers such as the orchid.

Nigeria can be found in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of the most popular flowers in Nigeria include lily, orchid, caladium, gerbera, daisy, and roses. Flowers in Nigeria are often used in religious ceremonies, such as baptism, Easter, valentine’s, and Christmas. They are also used in traditional Nigerian wedding ceremonies.

In addition to their aesthetic value, flowers in Nigeria are also believed to have a number of health benefits, including reducing stress levels and improving moods. Some of the most popular flowers to use in Nigeria include lilies, roses, orchids, and daisies.

Fresh Flowers 

From their beautiful colors to their precious scents, fresh flowers are nature’s way of communicating happiness, love, and beauty around us. Each flower is unique and full of character. Their beautiful features have the power to light up every location and occasion putting smiles on faces and bringing joy and warmth to the heart that receives them. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers.  Just like there’s a flower for every person, there is a flower for every moment, and each piece depicts different meanings. Flowers are one of the best ideas for a gift, they can be elevated with other features to suit your taste and fit into a certain occasion.

Bouquet of Roses               

There’s something undeniably special about roses aside from being a popular choice of bouquet amongst many. Roses are loved by many for their bold features and colors from red to peach and white. Roses have become the love language of many. Whether they are presented as a romantic gesture or a lovely way to say thank you/sorry, roses are sure to make someone feel loved. A few reasons to consider getting a bouquet or two for that special person in your life or just to pamper yourself are:

  • Roses are considered a symbol of love. It’s the perfect flower to communicate love, affection, and passion. It’s also a perfect way to express or confess your feelings and a great way to celebrate a stage in your life where you begin to love and respect your own self.
  • Roses are Fragrant. This means that they fill the room with their natural sweet floral smell which lifts up the mood and atmosphere of any place or event.

Flower Gift

flower gift from hemafield flowers in Nigeria

You can never go wrong with flower gifts. Whether you are looking for something special for a loved one, or just a way to show your appreciation, there is a flower for everyone. Bouquets of flowers are not the only idea for a flower gift. It can be an idea for a housewarming gift and a way to welcome a new neighbor to your environment making them feel welcome and loved. Another idea is floral arrangement, this is a perfect idea to celebrate a loved one, family, and friend, with a floral arrangement you get to choose a variety of different flowers all arranged and designed in a unique way.  Flower gifts are also amazing ideas to celebrate romance, engagement, or a particular union or as a way to spice up your relationship with your significant other. Flower gifts are unique and suitable for every event or celebration whether large or small that suits your budget. You can never go wrong with flower gifts.

Rose Flowers for Her

bouquet of rose flowers in Nigeria

When you hear or see roses what comes to your mind?  Is it just the redness or their bold features or “her”.  Roses have a lot of character and meanings attached to them especially when you have ‘’her’’ in mind. Roses are beautiful unique flowers; they have bold colors and features that make them the center of attraction among many flowers. They have been the love language of many. So if you are looking for a way to express and confess your love to her, roses are just perfect. They signify passion, love, respect, and deep affection for that special person. Roses are unique with their variety of colors makes them exceptional among others. Rose flowers for her tells her that she’s deeply loved, respected, and beautiful and further tells her the deep passion you have for the love you both share and tops it all with the sweetness that blossoms in her beauty. Rose flowers are a lovely way to speak your true feelings to her heart.

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