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    Deep Passion

    Weddings and bouquets have always been the dream of little girls, from playing dress-up to having tea parties, at that time it probably felt like it was just a form of childish expression and adventure but it’s a part of a dream you see yourself becoming or experiencing one day.

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    It’s not just a wedding ritual for every bride, it’s the perfectly handpicked flowers all carefully arranged and designed in a way that reflects the personality of the bride. It’s like the most desirous handbag that fits just the right occasion but this time made from fresh flowers. It’s the symbolism attached to the bouquet that makes it a perfect accessory for the perfect wedding dress.  It’s the feeling of love, joy, and the start of something new all embedded in a bouquet with the favorite flowers of the bride.

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    At that very moment when the fate of every spinster at the occasion lies at that moment when the bouquet flips in the air and lands in the hands of the next bride in line, it’s the perfect parting gift some would say. As this act marks the beginning of something new and the last demonstration of the bride as she announces her new identity and signs off the old one. With thousands of young women still envisioning that day, there will always be a flowery companion to hold on to as you walk the aisle. Order wedding bouquets flowers Follow us on Instagram
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    Fresh flowers always bring smiles, that's why we suggest this beautiful arrangement of red roses, pink roses, and white Casablanca lilies which will put smile on the faces of your loved ones no matter the occasion.